Top 7 Biker Dating Sites for Motorcycle Riders

"Dating Sites for Bikers" will only review some popular biker dating sites which are customized for different motorcycle riders. They may be not the top motorcycle dating sites in the world, but they must be the most personalized dating sites fitting for your multiplex demands.

#1 Biker Kiss

Biker Kiss, as the fantastic pioneer of biker matchmaking site, is committed to provide an ideal place for biker singles from all over the world to get to know each other, talk about their interests and daily lives, as well as establish long-lasting relationships. The moment you get the first sight of, you will notice that it is a bit more simple and cheerful in comparison with other biker dating websites which are almost in black with a bit of white or silver thrown in. A picture of two lovers on their bike will show you the real commission of this site.

#2 Christian Bikers Dating Site

Meeting or dating a Christian biker single maybe be a little difficult if you visit some general biker dating sites or common match marking site. But it can be easy done if you join the first and largest Christian biker dating site, which was launched on 2006 and has been online for Christian bikers for 7 years. About 200,000 Christian bikers are connect together by the Christian motorcycle club. Christian bikers are apt to other local Christian people because they have a the special lifestyle. They love both motorcycle riding and the Lord.  It may be hard for people, who do not believe in Jesus, to understand the passion they love riding motorcycle and the piety the believe in Jesus. Christian bikers blend both biker lifestyle and Christian lifestyle. rises in response to the proper time and conditions. The site makes it more easy for single Christian bikers to find and date with local Christian singles. It offers you compatible matches who match your same hobbies and interests. You can meet hundreds local Christian biker singles for just a riding buddy or a long term relationship. Simply join the Christian motorcycle dating site, it will take only 2 minutes to create a dating profile and add your photos. 
Check more reviews about the Christian motorcycle dating site.

#3 Harley Dating Site is a motorcycle dating site for single people who love to ride Harley motorcycles. Different from other biker dating sites or general dating sites, Harley Dating provides some biker related services and features to serve for single Harley riders and friends. Harley Dating has a user-friendly layout and navigation. You can use many special services for bikers only. For example, Harley Davidson forum, Harley rider blog, single Harley videos. In fact, those features are not so special enough. "Certified Biker" allows registered Harley riders to view true and real motorcycle riders. "Looking for passenger or backseat" provides men and women Harley riders a way to meet up with tens of thousands of Harley matches easily. If you want to know more information about the website, you can read more reviews about the Harley dating site wrote by both website editors and users who has used the site.

#4 Plenty of Bikers

Are you a single biker man and tired of looking for local biker women or singles? It will be easy if you could find a place to meet motorcycle women or men. You do not necessarily travel to motorcycle clubs or biker bars in other cities or towns motorcycle. With Plenty of Bikers, everything will becomes simple and easy. Plenty of Bikers is the first customized biker dating site for single biker women to meet local single biker men. It is easy to meet single motorcycle women for motorcycle men. The site was launched in 2001 to connect all biker women together in US, UK and Canada. With 500,000+ motorcycle women and men across in the US, you will feel easy and safe to hook up with single biker girls who are looking meet motorcycle guys like you. In our research we found that there is a big disparity between the number of men and women on most biker date sites. There are at least 10 men for every woman on these sites. So if you are not all that good looking, you will have a harder time getting a date. Our top recommendation is find a safe biker dating site with a large number of single women. That can make you find you love easy and instant. is such a good choice that its women-men ratio is 1:1. It make things easy to find a quality biker woman. You will find love and fun. It can take weeks, but they have good results.

#5 Biker Next is an unique biker dating site for single biker men and motorcycle women who love motorcycle riding lifestyle, and those who are still riding alone and looking for biker lover.  Dating Biker is a motorcycle dating site which are easy to use. It has many customized biker features and dating service such as user album photos, motorcycle garage photos, biker tattoo photos, certified biker list and so on. With those features and services, members can find local like minded biker partners easily. Dating a Bikers is a great dating website for motorcycle singles looking for local biker friends and singles. It offers free trial membership to new members.  It is total free to join the biker dating website and wink at any users as more as possible. 

#6 Harley Davidson Dating Site is an online dating site which is devoted to people who love to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is not about only a dating community, but more than a dating site which provides dating advices nd support to special riders. This make this site is more like a social networking for Harley Davidson riders. It is 100% free to join the site with over 220,000 registered members.  If you are Harley men looking to take hot or sexy women as your passenger rider, you can meet hundreds of single women in you city here. if you are a single woman and love motorcycle riding but do not own your Harley bike, "Harley backseat search" will help you find the right Harley guy. Join the Harley Davidson Dating website and start to connecting you with tens of thousands of single riders in your town. 

#7 Biker Planet

​Biker Planet is the perfect biker dating site for singles motorcycle riders who love to hit the road and partner with other local biker singles. The membership is free and the sigh up process is easy and simple. The huge membership base and those excellent biker-oriented features ensures biker singles to find their perfect biker date quickly. BikerPlanet should be ranked as the second big biker dating websites in the biker dating category. It is listed as No.7 here only because we reviewed other sites earlier. By the way, BikerKiss is do doubt the No.1 biker dating site. You can try it first when you are looking for a biker lover.

How to Date A Biker Woman Who Is Older Than You

Older women are sexier than younger women, especially women who love riding a Harley motorcycle. Those women are independent and can make decisions fast. However, it is difficult for younger biker men to date a Harley woman who is older than him. So, here are several tips for you to take.

1. Act like a mature man, not an immature boy

If you are interested in dating a single Harley woman who is older than you, then the first thing you need to do is to show her that you are a mature man. And it seems obvious that biker women are stronger than other women at their age. So, older women are looking for men that they can count on, not boys. A younger biker man who can fill her needs like a man is her perfect choice.

2. Don’t always talk about having a serious relationship

The reason why most older biker women want to date a younger guy is for having fun. So, don’t talk about a serious relationship with her. Don’t always talk about your feelings and how you love her unless she does it first. If you are lucky, she will eventually fall in love with you. However, the chances are rare.

3. Be absolutely honest with her

Older women have lived a life and had experiences, which allow them to have an extremely sensitive detector. So, if you want to date one of them, just be 100% honest with her all the time. Any lies you tell her will lead your relationship to the end. And if you just want to have sex with her, just tell her. She will understand that and will just have fun with you.

4. Ignore the age difference

No matter how independent and confident she is, she is well aware of the age difference between you. So, you are not allowed to mention it. If your biker woman brings it up, you are supposed to tell her that you don’t care about it. And you should try your best to make her feel like a girl, not your mom.

5. Never let her see you looking at younger biker girls

It is inevitable that you two will attend some motorcycle events and rallies where are full of younger biker girls and biker babes. If she is with you, don’t ever look at them for two seconds. No matter how hot, smart your older motorcycle woman is, she will be afraid that you will leave her for a younger one. It can be said that this is the last thing they can bear. 

BikerKiss Publishes New Dating App For Biker Singles

BikerKiss recently released a new dating app for bikers members to find the right kind of matches easily and quickly.

BikerKiss is known to be one of the best and the most reliable dating services for single bikers. Since its inception in 2001, very few websites have been able to match the level of proficiency offered by the website. Considering the fact that most biker singles seem to have less time to answer the messages and see the profiles of other bikers on computer, BikerKiss announced the publication of a new dating app to its users recently. 

The new biker dating app is going to make it easier for motorcycle riders to get more right kind of results based on their needs. When using a dating site app, biker singles are able to answer messages and have a great chat with someone who seems like a good match for them on the go. The great feature of the dating app is that it will allow you to know if other bikers leave a new message for you. Thus, they won’t miss any messages and lose the chance to get contact with the one who is really interested in them, which ensures biker members to find the right person as soon as possible. Sometimes the soulmate may be just one click away from you and you really don’t want to let the chance slip just because you reply the messages a little bit late. Most biker dating sites, like BikerKiss have been always tried their best to provide the best and the most powerful resources to make its members’ dating experience better. 

Just like you are on the desktop version of BikerKiss, the dating app is absolutely free of cost and users can access all the features of the site. You just don’t need to log into the site on a computer to chat with your potential matches.

If you are a single biker and love traveling on your motorcycles, or you don’t have much time for online dating, then installing the new dating app provided by BikerKiss can be the best choice to find your best biker date online. Wherever you go, the biker dating app will allow you to keep in touch with your dating matches on BikerKiss.

​Advice for Dating Biker Women Who Are Used To Being Single

Single Biker Women are usually independent and confident. And maybe they learned to ride the motorcycles are all by their own. Dating a single biker woman like this requires courage and perseverance. They know what to do when there are problems and can accomplish alone. They know what they want and they are not willing to accept any support and mercy from others. However, these tips below are collected for those who are dating a single biker girl, hoping they can do it rightly.

1. She can be rigid at the beginning

Single biker ladies are comfortable with being independent. They are always free to do whatever they want to do and lead their own lives. Suddenly, you come in to their lives, which will make biker women feel uncomfortable and invaded. So, when dating a female motorcycle rider, you need to be patient and be willing to help her realize that you are there to accompany her, not to steal her life.

2. She wants to do it slow.

She has lived by herself for a long time and she needs time to get used to the life with someone else. Diving into a serious relationship within a short time seems impossible for motorcycle ladies. But you should understand that it doesn’t mean she is not into you.

3. It will be hard letting you do things for her

She has been taken care of herself for a long time. She may desire for a single man to care for her. But when the hero comes, single biker women will be panic and don’t know how to react to the kindness. They may refuse you to look after them and be upset if you do things for them. Don’t take it seriously and give your biker girl more time to accept you in her life.

4. Ready to face her questions about your motives

Being single for too long will make biker women more paranoid. She will try to figure out your thoughts and your motives for doing things for her and taking care of her. A woman who rides motorcycle won’t just simply accept a man into her life without questioning.

5. She needs her space sometimes

Single biker women have spent most of their time staying alone. So, when she asks for space to be alone, just make sure she is not angry with you and leave her. Biker women may need time to ride her motorcycle out to enjoy the freedom and figure things out independently.

6 Tips For Long-distance Relationship Between Bikers

When you are dating on online biker dating sites, it will eventually end with an ideal match for you. Sometimes, you are lucky to find your biker man or biker woman but lives far from you, then what? If you two decide to develop this relationship together, then some efforts need to be made. Two bikers have to trust each other all the time, to learn to shoulder the responsibility, to be disciplined and to know how to communicate. Here are some advice for biker couples who are not live in one area to keep their relationships.

1. Set ground rules 

Motorcycle riders in a long distance relationship need to set some ground rules and ways to handle things, which is important to maintain the relationship. Rules like you are agreed not to date others, call each other everyday, have a face-to-face dating every two or three months and so on.

2. Communicate everyday

The key to a successful long distance relationship for motorcycle riders is communication everyday. Whether it’s texting, emails, instant messages, phone calls, Skype or letters, make sure you get in touch with your biker date daily to share your lives and happiness.Do not stop the communication just because some conflicts or quarrels, which can only make things worse.

3. Express your feelings and affection

It is important to strengthen your relationship by expressing your feelings to each other by emails, instant messaging tools and telephone. Don’t allow your biker man or biker girl to have the thought that you don’t care about. By telling your biker date that you are in love with him or her, you date will have the reasons to keep going.

4. Send gift to each other regularly

Sending gifts that are carefully selected by yourself to your the biker you are dating to express that you are missing him or her. It is a good way to surprise delight your date from far distance. A book, an album, a typed video, a box of candies, a ticket for a motorcycle event, some flowers are the top things between sweet biker couples.

5. Do things together in different places

Even if you are living in two different cities, you can your biker man or biker woman can still experience a dating night together. For example, watch a TV show or a movie at the same time. And call each other to discuss the host or the story in the movie. It is fun and delighted to know your date is doing the same things with you, even in a remote area.

6. Try to meet regularly

You guys can’t be in a long distance relationship forever. It will eventually get tired without accompanying. So, biker couples need to try to meet each other regularly by riding motorcycles to get to know each other well. And you two need to try to come up with ways to deal with the distance. 

7. Know the basics. Getting well prepared is never a bad habit. So, when riding in a foreign country, a female rider could find a language manual of that country and a list of dealerships throughout that country. And a biker woman can learn to solve the gas issue, dead battery or light outage, which will do you a good favor when you are alone on the road.

8. Just do it. Don’t get affected when someone else saying that it is impossible for you to finish a motorcycle trip. Just get started to riding on the road and prove that a female rider can do it.

8 Tips for Female Motorcycle Riders Riding Out on Motorcycles

As a single biker woman, do you want to start a trip on your motorcycles? Well, it is absolutely an awesome adventure to riding on the open road freely. And it takes less fuel than most other vehicles, which is also more cheaper and environmental. It is the very time to make your mind to ride out. And before that, check these tips below to keep your motorcycle journey with your biker girlfriend perfect.

1. Choose a comfortable biker and ride comfortably. The key to have a perfect short or long riding vacation is a comfortable motorcycle. Before buying a motorcycle, biker women should ride it for a while to see if it suits you. A suitable motorcycle will present you with the confidence to go anywhere they want.

2. Dress proper clothes. Proper clothes are those clothes which will make women motorcycle riders feel comfortable both on and off the bike. Ill-suited dress will be a problem for you to master the motorcycle well for a long time.

3. Strengthen riding skills. Riding courses are available in many states in the big countries. Some are for beginner riders and some are for advanced bikers. For female motorcycle riders, it is necessary to take some riding classes to hone your skill. Then you can cope with many complicated situations on the road on your own.

4. Pack Light. When biker women are out on the motorcycles, the necessary things are one change of clothes, toiletries, maps, snacks, camera and perhaps camping gear. Remember the principle is that carry less and you will be more agile.

5. Make it clear where you are going. It doesn’t mean you have to plan your riding path in detail. But it is suggested that you should take a look at your route and know what the terrain and region you will get through the next day. Another good habit is to check the weather forecast, which will help you get ready with the right gear.

6. Take a break. A biker woman need to know her riding limit. When you feel uncomfortable, just take a break to grab a coffee or some water.

Invite your biker girl to ride to a local park for you first date

The outside world is always a temptation for motorcycle riders. Since you are always riding on your motorcycles to discover the world, a riding with your biker girl or motorcycle man to a neighborhood park may be a different way to improve your relationships. So if the weather is warm and the sky is clear, ask your date to do a walk in a beautiful park.

Plan a Couple Ride

There is always at least one lovely park in every city for people to take a walk after the dinner or have a date. This kind of park usually has beautiful views and seats for you to have a rest. It is the perfect place for biker couples to have some peaceful and private time to talk with each other after several dates on the bikes or other biker bars. If you two like this kind of hike, make it happen everyday. It is said that walking about 30 minutes a day can help you keep healthy and lower blood pressure. Just stop your motorcycles outside the park and enjoy this slow pace of life.

Go Fishing

There are lakes, rivers and reservoirs in lots of parks for bikers to fish. If you are dating a biker who loves fishing just like you do, then take a few bucks for a rod and some bait to spend a happy and relaxing afternoon with your biker lover. It is good to do something you both like, because it can easily improve your relationship. You may share a tasty meal with your motorcycle rider friends after your fishing.

Art in the Park

Lots of parks will offer plays, concerts, photograph exhibition, movies and other art activities. Some will charge very little fees, and some are for free. Apart from the motorcycles, if you two have a affection for art as well, then go to have a walk in the park and find an activity. Or you can pay attention to the notice of the park. Check the date of the activity and ride your Harley to pick up your girlfriend to the park.

Take it Easy

A walk in a park supposed to be quiet and private. So take it easy. Just hold hands to walk slowly. Whisper sweet things in her ears, as well as something happened in your motorcycle clubs and parties. Carefully ask her to have a rest when there is a bench along the beaten path. Tell her you have to leave for a while and get back soon with an ice cream cone.

Bring Blanket

Bring a blanket in your motorcycle trunk before you go picking up your girlfriend. After your walk, you can find an open space to sit down and watch the amazing sunset. If time allows, stay longer and you will see the bright stars shining. Something to sip and eat cannot be forgot. 

Passionate Kiss

After a short riding with your biker babe to the local park, you can try to find a peaceful place to have a rest. It is time for you to observe if she is ready to kiss you when you look into her eyes near by your Harley motorcycle.  Do not hesitate and just stand there and go for the kiss as long as you believe it is the right time for kissing.