6 Tips For Long-distance Relationship Between Bikers

When you are dating on online biker dating sites, it will eventually end with an ideal match for you. Sometimes, you are lucky to find your biker man or biker woman but lives far from you, then what? If you two decide to develop this relationship together, then some efforts need to be made. Two bikers have to trust each other all the time, to learn to shoulder the responsibility, to be disciplined and to know how to communicate. Here are some advice for biker couples who are not live in one area to keep their relationships.

1. Set ground rules 

Motorcycle riders in a long distance relationship need to set some ground rules and ways to handle things, which is important to maintain the relationship. Rules like you are agreed not to date others, call each other everyday, have a face-to-face dating every two or three months and so on.

2. Communicate everyday

The key to a successful long distance relationship for motorcycle riders is communication everyday. Whether it’s texting, emails, instant messages, phone calls, Skype or letters, make sure you get in touch with your biker date daily to share your lives and happiness.Do not stop the communication just because some conflicts or quarrels, which can only make things worse.

3. Express your feelings and affection

It is important to strengthen your relationship by expressing your feelings to each other by emails, instant messaging tools and telephone. Don’t allow your biker man or biker girl to have the thought that you don’t care about. By telling your biker date that you are in love with him or her, you date will have the reasons to keep going.

4. Send gift to each other regularly

Sending gifts that are carefully selected by yourself to your the biker you are dating to express that you are missing him or her. It is a good way to surprise delight your date from far distance. A book, an album, a typed video, a box of candies, a ticket for a motorcycle event, some flowers are the top things between sweet biker couples.

5. Do things together in different places

Even if you are living in two different cities, you can your biker man or biker woman can still experience a dating night together. For example, watch a TV show or a movie at the same time. And call each other to discuss the host or the story in the movie. It is fun and delighted to know your date is doing the same things with you, even in a remote area.

6. Try to meet regularly

You guys can’t be in a long distance relationship forever. It will eventually get tired without accompanying. So, biker couples need to try to meet each other regularly by riding motorcycles to get to know each other well. And you two need to try to come up with ways to deal with the distance. 

7. Know the basics. Getting well prepared is never a bad habit. So, when riding in a foreign country, a female rider could find a language manual of that country and a list of dealerships throughout that country. And a biker woman can learn to solve the gas issue, dead battery or light outage, which will do you a good favor when you are alone on the road.

8. Just do it. Don’t get affected when someone else saying that it is impossible for you to finish a motorcycle trip. Just get started to riding on the road and prove that a female rider can do it.