Invite your biker girl to ride to a local park for you first date

The outside world is always a temptation for motorcycle riders. Since you are always riding on your motorcycles to discover the world, a riding with your biker girl or motorcycle man to a neighborhood park may be a different way to improve your relationships. So if the weather is warm and the sky is clear, ask your date to do a walk in a beautiful park.

Plan a Couple Ride

There is always at least one lovely park in every city for people to take a walk after the dinner or have a date. This kind of park usually has beautiful views and seats for you to have a rest. It is the perfect place for biker couples to have some peaceful and private time to talk with each other after several dates on the bikes or other biker bars. If you two like this kind of hike, make it happen everyday. It is said that walking about 30 minutes a day can help you keep healthy and lower blood pressure. Just stop your motorcycles outside the park and enjoy this slow pace of life.

Go Fishing

There are lakes, rivers and reservoirs in lots of parks for bikers to fish. If you are dating a biker who loves fishing just like you do, then take a few bucks for a rod and some bait to spend a happy and relaxing afternoon with your biker lover. It is good to do something you both like, because it can easily improve your relationship. You may share a tasty meal with your motorcycle rider friends after your fishing.

Art in the Park

Lots of parks will offer plays, concerts, photograph exhibition, movies and other art activities. Some will charge very little fees, and some are for free. Apart from the motorcycles, if you two have a affection for art as well, then go to have a walk in the park and find an activity. Or you can pay attention to the notice of the park. Check the date of the activity and ride your Harley to pick up your girlfriend to the park.

Take it Easy

A walk in a park supposed to be quiet and private. So take it easy. Just hold hands to walk slowly. Whisper sweet things in her ears, as well as something happened in your motorcycle clubs and parties. Carefully ask her to have a rest when there is a bench along the beaten path. Tell her you have to leave for a while and get back soon with an ice cream cone.

Bring Blanket

Bring a blanket in your motorcycle trunk before you go picking up your girlfriend. After your walk, you can find an open space to sit down and watch the amazing sunset. If time allows, stay longer and you will see the bright stars shining. Something to sip and eat cannot be forgot. 

Passionate Kiss

After a short riding with your biker babe to the local park, you can try to find a peaceful place to have a rest. It is time for you to observe if she is ready to kiss you when you look into her eyes near by your Harley motorcycle.  Do not hesitate and just stand there and go for the kiss as long as you believe it is the right time for kissing.