How to Online Date Safely as a Harley Motorcycle Rider

In the modern world of online motorcycle dating, male Harley riders and female Harley riders are connecting digitally. Nearly 45% of biker girls and biker guys ages 18–28use online biker dating sites or apps, which is a percentage that has tripled in the last two years in the world of online Harley dating.

Overall, 35% of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys use these online biker dating websites, showing that the stereotypes attached to online motorcycle dating is disappearing. In 2019,, the largest online motorcycle dating websites, found that up to 67% of single Harley riders thought online biker dating was a good way to meet other like-minded biker women and biker men who also enjoy Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, whereas just 24% agreed back to 10 years before.

Though the popularity of conducting an active social life in Harley Harley dating websites is rising, you may still wonder if online biker dating is safe. Connecting virtually has risks, but it can be a fun, efficient and convenient way to meet potential biker girlfriends or biker boyfriends if you practice caution. Here are a few online biker dating tips for motorcycle women and motorcycle men to have a safe online motorcycle dating experience.

1. Use a trustworthy website

There are more than 35 online biker dating sites in the U.S., and the risk is on the rise. There are also more than 20 of online dating websites and apps that target Harley girls and Harley guys that love Harley Davidson bikes, so pay attention to the environment on free motorcycle dating websites.

According to the experts who have been studying online biker dating websites for years, biker chicks and biker dudes can often depend on larger, more reputable sites such as, or, in order to protect your private information. Most of these safe and large online biker dating websites require a membership fee, so choose wisely and smartly.

2. Keep your information private

Any potential dates with a motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude will probably run your name to conduct a detailed Internet search. The men bikers and women bikers may find you’re phone number, home location, email or even childhood friends. 

Thus, it is strongly recommended by experts on motorcycle dating websites to never post any identifying details on your profile page on free motorcycle dating sites. And the information includes your address, phone number, and personal email. Moreover, set your security settings to the maximum level, which sometimes is only offered to premium members on biker dating platforms, not only on online biker dating sites, but also on other similar social medias. 

3. Always keep your friends aware of your relationship status.

If you have a date tonight with a Harley motorcycle rider you met online, tell your friends or family member. Keeping them informed of the time and location in case the worst case scenario happens. 

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