BikerKiss has been online dedicated to biker dating service for 19 years.

We have seen a lot of dating websites, but we can make sure that there are no other biker dating website can be such cheerful and make you want to stay for longer. This is indeed a great change. The white background and the more playful fonts, as well as the interspersed grey color, all together create a plain and inviting place for bikers to find a date. 

It has been 14 years for the operation of Biker Kiss and the people behind this website always try their best to improving the site functionality to satisfy the requirement with their  biker users. Everything here is organized and detailed well, and people can always have a better chance in understanding what the words and links are doing, even it is their first time to visit the site. The functionality is as simple as the design.


There must be many reasons for BikerKiss to survive for 14 years and the features of the site is one of the most important point for it to run for such a long time. It has been tested that the tons of unique features will keep motorcycle riders to stay and enjoy the hours of riding and dating fun. Special features like Motorcycle Photos, Riding Hobby Search and Backseat Search can be found here. All of those special services can meet the needs of all kinds of motorcycle singles and friends who are riding certain bike types and have certain interests and lifestyles.

After joining in and place a biker dating profile, you are allowed to upload up to 26 profile photos and countless motorcycle photos and tattoo photos. Other members can tell if you are the one they are interested by seeing your profile, photos and other things. So it is of great importance for you to complete your profile and upload high quality of photos, or you will loss a lot of opportunities to date. 

The “List of verified Members” is another wonderful feature with which you can find true bikers with their real age, photo, income, occupation, education and driving license. However, you need to verify your account before you look through them. You need to provide your ID photo or you can provide your photo with a piece of paper written with your username and the site name “” on.

Furthermore, there are videos of various biker fashion show and biker tattoo shows, as well as other videos shared by members to watch. And there is a forum with many heated discussions which you can engage in with other members.


Having been operated for years, Biker Kiss has developed into a huge community with members from all the corners of the US, UK, Canada and Australia who are various from ages, creeds, colors, interest and more. However, due to its age, there might be some profiles are not active. But apart from these, there are still thousands of active riders waiting for new members.


Over all, Biker Kiss is the most professional, safe and reliable biker dating site in the world with many distinct strengths that lead it to what it is today. It offers a great chance for thousands of bikers to find love, friends and riding companies on the website.

Comments from some users who have been using

1. I think I was lucky to log onto Biker Kiss five years ago. I met my current wife on the site and we hit it off right away.It was a great site for bikers not only for dating but also for friendship and we all have common topics to talk about. 

--- By Steven M

2. I tried many dating sites for bikers and finally I decided to stayed at Biker Kiss. There are many reasons and I think the most important one is that it makes me feel reliable and the friends I met on the site are all real bikers.

--- By Rachel

3. I am a member of Biker Kiss and I really love this site. It is easy to use and thousands of bikers are there waiting for me.

--- By Emily